What I'm up to now


After an intense 9-month period transitioning my career into software engineering, I finally landed a job. I'm working at Microsoft in Austin delivering features for the SQL Server and SQL Azure products.

I'm really loving my job. It's really interesting work, I'm learning a hell of a lot, and I have a great boss. I'm lucky.

It's a "back end" role, and it's been fascinating learning about how the SQL engine works and how such a mammoth of a codebase was built and operates.

Moved to Austin

While attending the coding bootcamp (App Academy) I went through, I was living in Houston. When I got the job at Microsoft, I pretty quickly moved to Austin.

Austin is a pretty ideal city for most things besides the heat and lack of geographical draws like ocean or mountains.

The people, food, vibe and culture is great. I'm really enjoying it.

Thinking about projects

Now that I have a job, I'm thinking about what interesting projects I can start working on during the weekends.

I'm thinking about building a personal finance app for myself to help project my cash flow and keep track of my expenses.

I'm also thinking about starting to create computer science curriculum for people who graduated from coding bootcamps.

There are a lot of topics that bootcamps simply don't have time to teach, and I think it would be fun to assimilate core concepts for junior engineers that could help them land better jobs.

Last updated June 2020